Journal Impact Factor CiteScore Open Access Mode
Civil Engineering & Environmental Science 1.04 2.9 Open Select
International Journal of Pavement Engineering 2.646 3.9 Open Select
Georisk: Assessment and Management of Risk For Engineered Systems and Geohazards 4.8 Open Select
Structure & Infrastructure Engineering 2.62 5.3 Open Select
International Journal of Mining Reclamation and Environment 1.917 3.6 Open Select
Urban Water Journal 1.888 3.7 Open Select
Building Research & Information 3.887 6.8 Open Select
Construction Management & Economics 4.4 Open Select
Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering 0.384 0.8 Open Access
Architectural Engineering and Design Management 3.9 Open Select
Advances in Building Energy Research 2.6 Open Select
Architectural Science Review 2.3 Open Select
Journal of Building Performance Simulation 3.458 5.7 Open Select
Coastal Engineering Journal 2.032 3.8 Open Select
Australian Journal of Civil Engineering 2.5 Open Select
European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering 1.832 3.6 Open Select
Geomechanics & Geoengineering: An International Journal 2.1 Open Select
Geosystem Engineering 2.1 Open Select
HBRC Journal Open Access
Intelligent Buildings International 2.4 Open Select
International Journal of Construction Management 4.1 Open Select
Journal of Operational Oceanography 4.04 4.2 Open Select
International Journal of Ventilation 0.732 1.4 Open Select
Journal of Marine Engineering & Technology 1.049 1.8 Open Select
Natural Resources & Engineering Open Select
Road Materials and Pavement Design 2.582 3.8 Open Select
Journal of Sustainable Cement-Based Materials 3.6 Open Select
Structural Engineering International 0.672 1.4 Open Select
Australian Journal of Structural Engineering 1.8 Open Select
Ships and Offshore Structures 1.47 3.1 Open Select
Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure Open Select
Journal of Structural Integrity and Maintenance 1.0 Open Select
Australasian Journal of Water Resources 2.5 Open Select
International Journal of Architectural Heritage: Conservation, Analysis, and Restoration 1.853 3.8 Open Select
Journal of Earthquake Engineering 2.779 4.4 Open Select
LEUKOS: The journal of the Illuminating Engineering Society 2.667 5.9 Open Select