Taylor & Francis 同行评议卓越计划实践期刊列表——医学

Taylor & Francis Group同行评议卓越计划 Excellence in Peer Review: Taylor & Francis Reviewer Training Network采用“线上培训,线下实践”的方式,线上培训从期刊角度出发,对学术出版和同行评议进行全方位、多角度的深度讲解和讨论,帮助科研人员更加详细、全面、具体的了解同行评议,提升审稿技能和科技写作技巧。

线下部分则与多本Taylor & Francis旗下期刊的主编达成共识,为参加卓越计划的老师提供实践平台,使他们能参与到真实的期刊审稿过程。 经过这一实践过程,完成培训计划的老师们则会额外获得期刊资深评审人认证证书。


Journal Subject Area Impact Factor Mode
Brain Injury Neurology 1.69
Cancer Biology & Therapy Oncology 3.659
Cancer Investigation Oncology 2.398
Cancer Management and Research Dove Medical 2.886
Current Medical Research & Opinion General Medicine 2.271
Cutaneous and Ocular Toxicology Toxicology 1.385
Drug Design, Development and Therapy Dove Medical 3.216
Emerging Microbes & Infections Immunology 5.776 OA
Expert Opinion on Drug Delivery Pharmacology 4.838
Expert Opinion on Drug Safety Pharmacology 3.383
Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy Pharmaceutical Medicine 2.878
Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Patents Pharmacology 5.611
Expert Opinion on Therapeutic Targets Pharmacology 5.473
Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy Oncology 3.573
Expert Review of Anti-infective Therapy Immunology 3.767
Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology Pharmacology 3.481
Expert Review of Hematology Hematology 2.573
Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics Neurology 3.743
Expert Review of Vaccines Immunology 4.362
Infection and Drug Resistance Dove Medical 2.984
Inhalation Toxicology Toxicology 1.895
International Journal of Hyperthermia Oncology 3.574 OA
International Journal of Neuroscience Neurology 2.107
Nanotoxicology Toxicology 4.925
Neurological Research Neurology 2.401
OncoTargets and Therapy Dove Medical 3.337
Platelets Hematology 3.378
Therapeutics and Clinical Risk Management Dove Medical 1.888
Topics in Stroke Rehabilitation Neurology 1.897
Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods Toxicology 2.295